It all began five years ago, slowly at first, but then fuelled by the irresistible power of a team of people believing in themselves, each other and the extraordinary work they could do together. Together, we had the responsibility for the development of the staff at our esteemed organisation. We were proud to be there and I was proud to be their manager.

As a team we were brilliant together – creative, diverse and talented and, seemingly subconsciously, able to predict and know what was required for each other to thrive. Together we produced fantastic, world-standard work.

Then things changed, dramatically and unexpectedly. Our resilience was tested, our priorities re-aligned and we have gone our separate ways (at least for now).

I have worked in career development for most of my life and have never had such an opportunity to learn what it takes to thrive at work, to ride out the bumps and to re-create yourself, as I did through those years.

This blog is for everyone who has ever wanted a fulfilling and fun time in their job, who know that things could be better than they are now or who are happy in their jobs and want to keep it that way.

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