david scoppa

by David Scoppa

Where’s my resume?

Does this sound familiar?

You see a job opportunity that looks pretty good and you start to think about applying. Your mind is ready to go but your resume isn’t.

It’s not that it is not updated, although it may not be, it’s that you can’t even find it!

As the minutes go by, the opportunity is drifting away. Drifting into that basket we all know too well, the too-hard basket.

Too often, unfortunately when job opportunities arise, we’re not ready. This creates unwanted stress, poorly written and rushed applications, or no application which ultimately leads to lost opportunities.

Rather than changing our ways, we settle for second best. Good enough considering the circumstances becomes an excuse when in reality, being more organised and prepared could turn a ‘good enough’ application into an outstanding application. An application that leads to interviews and an interview that leads to a healthier career.

This situation is common but it doesn’t have to be. Spending a little bit of time updating your career documents and storing them in the right places ensures you are job-ready.

Ready to embrace opportunities.

Ready to build your skills and experience.

Ready to take the step that could lead to a more satisfying career.

So, where do you start? Here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Sounds simple, but find your most recent resume, cover letter and responses to selection criteria
  2. Update your resume with your current employer and recent professional development activities you have undertaken
  3. Re-read your cover letter. Does it need tweaking or tailoring to resemble your current situation?
  4. Save all these on your computer in a folder titled ‘My Career’
  5. Finally, email these to a web-based email such as Gmail or Hotmail or save them to the Cloud so you have access from any location around the world.

Taking a few simple steps to organise your career documents gives you the readiness to take advantage of opportunities, leaving you feeling great and excited about what the future may hold.