NOW AVAILABLE!    The Essential Career Guide

This e-book that has been months in the writing – a labour of love you could say! I wanted to put together a straightforward yet meaty guidebook that contains the essentials for developing your career and the practicalities of finding the work you want to do.

Released: February 2015

E-book: Ten of the Best Posts of 2014

In its first year, CareerActually has published more than 100 posts and reached close to 10,000 readers. This free e-book brings you 10 of the best posts of 2014 and a taste of the variety that CareerActually offers.

Download free e-book:  CAREERACTUALLY 10 BEST POSTS 2014
Best posts 2014
The Career Values Card Sort

I have developed this with a great friend and colleague of mine – Louisa Scagliotti. This free on-line activity will help you to understand what your key career motivators are – what matters to you most and what you are looking for in your work. This is the first of a series of career planning and change tools I hope to bring to you over the coming months.

Released: October 2014

Working Lives

Working Lives is a series of ten specially-commissioned career stories, offering our readers insights into the surprising challenges and opportunities which can shape a career. The series commences with the story of David Finlay – a British PE teacher turned hotshot banker.

The Working Lives series is written by journalist and CareerActually contributor Emily Brown.

Series commenced: October 2014