by CareerActually contributor, Kyanne Smith


As part of Meg’s career change, she contacted her friend Adrian who works in a small, local art Gallery and learned more about his work and how he got started.  Two weeks later, things are progressing and she enters the following in her Career Journal….


I took my weaving work to the Gallery to show Adrian today. He was impressed and said he’d like to include it in the gallery’s exhibition next month.

This is such an unexpected result from our original meeting.  I went in thinking I’d learn a bit more about his job and get some ideas about my own career change. I had hoped it would give me a bit of inspiration, but I didn’t expect this outcome.

My weaving has always been a hobby – something enjoyable and creative to keep me going when work is not great.  Having some positive feedback and encouragement has been wonderful, but it has also been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster, which I didn’t expect.

On the one hand it’s given me a real confidence boost because someone appreciates my weaving. On the other hand I feel more uncertain of myself than ever.  This is not my day job where I know what I’m doing!  I wonder if my work is really good enough for this? Does it belong in the exhibition with those other ‘proper’ textile artists?

I can feel the imposter syndrome circling …. I’ll be found out, I’m not a real artist, and I’ll be sent packing.  Then what will I do?  


Big surprise today!  I got a phone call from a small interstate gallery. Sandy introduced herself and said she saw my weaving at Adrian’s Gallery. He gave her my details.

Sandy is putting together a new textile exhibition in the next few months, called Home Grown.  She wanted to know if they could display my weaving work. Apparently this exhibition will feature the work of artists who make their own textiles or produce textile works on a small scale at home.

My work has definitely been ‘home grown’ so I am really excited to be included!  I told her I’d be happy to be part of the exhibition.  Sandy said she’ll coordinate the transfer of the ‘works’ to her Gallery.  I am thrilled but really nervous.

My career change still isn’t happening, but my hobby seems to have taken off!  I am surprised, pleased, curious and wondering where this will lead …

which direction