by Kyanne Smith


Meg’s career journey so far…..

At this point in her career change project, Meg has spent the past few months working hard to create opportunities for herself in the art world. This is where she’d most like to work. Meg really wants to leave her job and start afresh – she’s tired, disengaged, frustrated but working hard to maintain her professionalism and output for her team and colleagues.

In her efforts toward career change, Meg has made some good professional connections, she’s got some great transferable skills she is now aware of and she’s been developing a working knowledge of her local Gallery through volunteering. She’s even had some luck with her own ‘amateur art’ (as she calls it). Her weaving work has been included in a couple of exhibitions, which she was thrilled about.

Meg’s been using some career guidance materials and tools to help her make the change she wants including her career journal. She writes the practical activities she’s doing to make career change, but she also uses the journal as an outlet for her feelings.  At this point in time, Meg’s journal reflects her frustration – her efforts are not generating the opportunities she hoped for. She’s still at her old job; she hasn’t had many volunteering opportunities at the Gallery where she usually helps out. She’s had no more interest in her own weaving work and she’s really on the roller coaster of emotions right now.  There’s a creeping sense of self-doubt and she’s questioning whether her career path is the right one.

Meg has a real longing for this change to materialise, and the lack of any movement is getting her down. This is evident in her latest journal entry (which appears another 2 weeks after the last one)

Career Journal Entry – Monday

Work was hard today. I’m really struggling to stay in my job, but I’m still not in a position to leave (we need the money). I’ve put a lot of work into my career change project but it seems to have completely fizzled out. I’m finding this depressing and I don’t know what to do.

On a somewhat brighter note, I got a call from Adrian – my friend at the gallery. He said they need some volunteers for an exhibition next week and asked if I could help. I’m usually really excited about volunteering, but today I wasn’t. I just felt that it’s the ‘same ol’ stuff’ and it’s not getting me where I want to go.

I was a bit shocked about how I responded. This is so unlike me! I love volunteering and spending time with work and the artists. But today, I just couldn’t get excited about it.

Actually, on reflection, I think I know why I feel this way …. I do all these things to get some change happening, but everything seems to stay the same!

I told Adrian I’ll help out, and I will, but I’ll have to try to rally some enthusiasm by next week!!