Linked in

LinkedIn is being used routinely by organisations to identify suitable candidates.  Recruiters will search for candidates who have relevant skills and experience, work in a particular industry, have experience with a specific company; or live in a particular location.

As a job seeker, you can use LinkedIn to connect to individuals, organisations and groups relevant to your field and interests. Use it also to explore job roles, identify and research companies and organisations, search for job opportunities and target future employers and hiring managers in your industry and area of expertise.

LinkedIn is now a highly valuable tool if you are seriously into job search, thinking about your next career move or wanting to maintain a current professional profile.

Here are seven ways to keep your profile updated and consistently present your unique professional brand:

One     Include in your profile the organisations you have worked for, both permanent and contract, that are relevant to your job search

Two     Highlight relevant skills and experience

Three  Include your location or desired location for work

Four    Include as many keywords as possible within your profile that you think a recruiter may use to search for the job that you are seeking, such as director, manufacturing, accountant, facilities, manager, administration, teacher, environment, health, artist

Five     Select the industry sector that you currently belong to, or want to work in

Six       Join and be active in relevant groups

Seven  Up-date your profile regularly