Today being Friday the 13th conjures up all sorts of superstitions, forebodings and signs of bad luck to avoid. And this particular Friday the 13th has additional significance in that it falls on the same day as the full moon for June. Apparently this unusual event will not happen again until 2049.

While I am not overly superstitious or fatalistic, I do know how important chance and unplanned encounters and events can be to your career. You have probably heard people talk about how they ‘just fell into’ their job or an offer ‘came out of the blue’ or they met someone just  incidentally who turned out to have a big impact on their life. These ‘happenstance’ events, present opportunities where you hadn’t ever looked or even considered. They also often just go by unnoticed.

So how about you turn ‘unlucky’ Friday, into a day where you are more alert and open to who and what comes your way by chance, and how that could open a window to future possibilities.

Have a great weekend everyone.