This week I spent some time in Melbourne – one of my favourite cities – and caught up with my good friend and colleague Andrew Rimington. Among the many hats Andrew wears is as the National President of the Career Development Association of Australia – a role I had the honour of holding until 2013, before handing over to Andrew. One of the things Andrew and I are both passionate about is helping managers to become better at what they do. So much depends on the quality of managers – careers can be made or broken, teams can prosper or disintegrate, and organisations can advance or falter on the back of their capability.

The conversation with Andrew touched on the characteristics of a good boss and led me to thinking about the best bosses I have had throughout my career. Without doubt the things that stood out were their willingness to trust and stretch my capability, to be open to new ideas, and to know when to put the pressure on to achieve the best results from their teams.

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I am keen to hear what CareerActually readers have to say about the best boss they have ever had.

Share  a simple comment or two about the characteristics of  your best boss.
Write  a brief story to acknowledge their strengths.
Help us understand what really makes a manager most effective.

Over the next few weeks I will collate all your comments, suggestions and stories into an e-book for all to share.

What makes a really good boss? Add your thoughts here and thanks for participating!