No career or job is ever absolutely perfect (at least not forever), but when your job is largely fruitful, positive, thriving, productive, flourishing, effective, real and authentic, or some combination of these, and you recognise why, then your career is definitely on the right track. 

However, most of us have experienced that feeling of waking up and realising that you actually don’t like the job you are doing, that your values are being compromised too much, and that you are wishing you didn’t have to go in. Sometimes this is a sudden awakening, but often times it is more a gradual process of change either within you or your work environment (or combination of both) that turns the job sour. And often, although you may notice changes happening, the magnitude of the impact it is having on you, is not really felt until things are in a very bad space.

This week I have been speaking with a  good friend who finds himself in a poisonous work situation where a change in management has seen a shift from him being a well-regarded employee with a good track record of success, to one who is excluded, demeaned and de-valued. He can’t believe things have come to this and his good and positive nature is still trying to salvage the situation. He doesn’t want to leave the job but it is clear he now needs to, and in fact he sort of realises he should have done so several months ago when the changes started to occur.

So now he is going through the process of accepting that he needs to find a way of moving on and to focus his energy on a positive career shift. I feel concerned for him as he is still in that space of anger, bewilderment and to some extent denial. But I am also very hopeful for his future as I know how talented he is and I am confident that he can access the courage and resilience to make the change. My friend liked this quote so I thought I would share it with you:

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.  ~Ambrose Redmoon

Being nimble in your career – alert to opportunities, skilled up and with strong networks really does help to avoid the sort of pain my friend is experiencing. And having a Plan B ready to action should your job start to sour is always an essential ingredient of good career management.

Have a great weekend everyone!