When I started CareerActually earlier this year, I had no expectation of how it would be received. I just had in mind that I wanted to create a space where I could share my expertise; provide opportunities for others to contribute; invite people into conversations that matter to them about their careers; and build an endeavour just a little bit different to other career blogs. Most of all I wanted to make a positive difference to the lives of others (cheesy, but true). Eight months on it is fantastic to see CareerActually steadily growing, with thousands of people now having visited the site. Thank you!

This week, CareerActually reader Larisa posted a terrific piece in My Best Career Advice in which she offered her thoughts about being successful in job search, especially the job interview. One key thing Larisa highighted was:

No matter the industry, the position, and the skills required – personal connection … (is) the key.

Larisa then went on to share a TEDTalk by Harvard Professor, Amy Cuddy. The talk –  Your body language shapes who you are – has been viewed more than 19 million times and ranks among the top 2 most-viewed TEDTalks. If like me, you have somehow missed seeing this talk, I really recommend you taking time out to view it. It highlights the positive impact that changing our body language can have on our ability to better handle stressful situations such as job interviews. The talk highlights three interconnected principles:

Our bodies change our mind

Our minds change our behaviour

Our behaviour changes our outcomes

What I like most about Professor Cuddy’s talk is the way it translates complex research into practical things that we can all try out to improve the quality of our interpersonal relationships.

And with that comes a reminder of  the simple and fundamental power of positive human connection – however it occurs, however it is developed and however it is mediated. Sitting here today, I am grateful that the internet has given me the opportunity to connect to more people than I could ever have imagined doing, Larisa included.

have a great weekend!