Today I am excited to bring you news of CareerActually’s first e-book! When I started CareerActually earlier this year, my hope was it would grow to be a place for people to find practical career advice, connect to career experts, share their own experiences, and be inspired by others’ career stories. More than 100 posts later and close to 10,000 views, I am so pleased that more and more people are finding value at CareerActually. 

Best posts 2014

In no small part this is due to the quality of the content that CareerActually’s contributors provide – they are all talented people wanting to make a contribution to the development of others. This e-book dips into that content to bring you 10 of the best posts of 2014 and a taste of the variety that CareerActually offers.

I hope you enjoy the read and please pass the link on to others!

until next time, go well


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