This week I came across a fabulous tool that I wanted to share with CareerActually readers. The Canadian Career Challenge is a short quiz that helps you to learn more about how to manage your  career and get a personalized score showing your career management skill and will.

This quiz has been well-constructed by qualified practitioners, utilising solid career development principles. It explains to users what career development is and why it is important:

Career Development is an ongoing process that you go through to ensure meaningful work throughout your life. Decisions you make each day affect your Career Development. Ultimately, your career development is much more than the jobs you pursue – it is about how you want to live your life.

While the labour market information in the quiz is Canadian-based, some of it applies broadly. CareerActually readers in Australia can refer to my posts Making Progress in a Scarce Labour Market and Need to Know Labour Market Information to learn more about the labour market in Australia.

Hosted by the Canadian Council for Career Development I highly recommend this quiz to anyone who wants to learn more about becoming more effective and successful in managing their career. So grab a cup of coffee and invest a few minutes to learn more about your career management skill and will.

Until next time, go well


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