This week, courtesy of the wonder of live internet streaming,  I proudly watched my niece Emily graduate with first class honours from the University of Edinburgh. What a moving ceremony it was – bright young people, with so much to offer and so much before them, heading off into the ‘serious’ world of adult endeavour.

Emily is a marvel – a talented writer, armed with a quiet self-belief and an urge to make the world a better place. And, there is every chance she will – in fact she already is! Her goal is to grow her career as a journalist and she has made a good start with ‘The Conversation’ in the UK and ‘The Journal’ in Edinburgh. Still, pursuing a career after graduation can be a precarious thing, and Emily among thousands of others are now navigating a way through this maze.

One of the speakers at Emily’s graduation ceremony, was Professor Dinesh Singh, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Delhi. Professor Singh is an eminent mathematician who has instituted many reforms at his University and has forged links for students across the world. With the self-assurance, compassion, humour and wisdom that seems to characterise people of noble achievement, Professor Singh offered these insights and advice to graduands:

Discharge your debts – recognise the privileges and opportunities that have come your way and be sure to repay them

Be in step with your inner callingit is this voice that you must learn to live in harmony with. We are all gifted with talents and interests, it is important to sync this with what work places have to offer

What should matter, and always matter, is what you are doing – it does not matter where you study, what you study and where you work. Do you love it? Do you hate it? Is it what you have always wanted to do? Is it something you want to continue doing? These are the questions one must ask themselves when choosing a career path.

Let noble ideas come to you from all directions – a person of true knowledge and learning is one that views every living thing equally  Education will elevate your soul – remain committed to the power of learning.   

What better advice to start the weekend on!

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