Leaving a job can be as hard, sometimes harder than finding one. This is especially true if you have really enjoyed your work, made good friends and the decision to go has not entirely been yours.

Just as challenging can be making the decision to leave on your own terms, and to back yourself in a new direction. However, a leap of faith is often the right thing to take  – especially when you have thought about what you want out of your career and how you will go about achieving it.

Whatever your reasons for leaving a job, it is worth giving some thought about how you do that in a positive way, so that you feel empowered, your reputation is intact  and others around you remember you in a good light.

This image, shared with me this week by my friend Peter Luscombe, sums this up perfectly. Chris Holmes, aka Mr Cake, has chosen to leave his job and pursue a different path that is better aligned with his values and the skills he wants to use and develop. His decision reflects planning, passion and good business sense.

Mr Cake’s resignation is so cleverly crafted – funny and respectful and bound to have him remembered for the right reasons!


Maybe you are thinking about  leaving your job? If so its worth thinking about how you might do that with style and humour.

Happy weekend all!