A conversation with a colleague earlier this week reminded me how returning after a break for work can really highlight how much you are not enjoying your job. While you come back feeling refreshed with re-newed energy and hopeful that things will be better than they were before your holiday, it doesn’t take long to realise they aren’t. Indeed they often seem even worse because the fog of tiredness that you were in before the break has now lifted, allowing you to see your work-life for what it really is. And sometimes it is not pretty.

The stark revelation that it is probably time to start work on finding a new job can be disconcerting and unsettling and many people faced with this type of uncertainty are inclined to put their head in the sand and do nothing, rather than take a proactive approach to finding a more satisfying job. Unfortunately, this ‘decision’ to do nothing does not usually serve you well over time.

Earlier this week the Conversation published an article by David Cropley of the University of South Australia about the value of applying creative mindsets to uncertain situations and problems. He says:

… the problems we encounter in life are far less structured and deterministic. Many people, however, when faced with uncertainty say, “I don’t know what to do, therefore I’ll do nothing.”

What we need to develop is the mindset “I don’t know what to do, therefore I’ll try something!” 

Often when people are stuck in their careers, there are two fundamental problems to solve – identifying what to do next and then making it happen. This can be quite difficult because there are many

In my new e-book The Essential Career Guide, to be published at the end of January, I provide a step-by-step guide to how to successfully manage your career so that you can nimbly make changes when you need to and overcome any barriers that are stopping you from turning your intentions, goals or dreams into outcomes.

So, if you are stuck in a job you are liking less and less,  it may indeed serve you well to apply Dr Cropley’s advice of trying something. Make a start today with some of CareerActually’s tips. As always, I welcome your questions and will reply to you as soon as I can.

Until next time, go well