A couple of months back I wrote a post called the best career advice I have ever received.  In that post I asked readers to ponder a time when someone made a positive difference to their career direction and encouraged them to post a comment. There were some amazing comments made, which I decided to group together under a separate tab on CareerActually called My Best Career Advice.

So in this week’s Friday on My Mind, I thought I would revisit some of the great things people have shared so far. For example, like this from Kyanne:

The advice I’d like to share came in the form of a question. It was a very simple question, given to me by a friend, to ask of myself. Why not me?

I am a reasonably confident person, but sometimes I find myself questioning what I am capable of. I wonder if I’ve got enough of what it takes. Whether I’m clever enough, brave enough, persistent enough, deserving enough. Sometimes these thoughts are accompanied by others I call the ‘unhelpfuls’. So, on the day I was asked this question, it made me think in a different way. The ‘unhelpfuls’ didn’t get a look in. Which is exactly what I needed, and instead I found myself considering some other questions. 

And this from Olivia:

Life truly is too short to be doing something that you don’t like or hate.

Plus this job interview advice from Liz:

It was the first formal interview I had in years, so you can imagine how nervous and unprepared I was having to now tell complete strangers how great I’d be to work with and convince them all of my amazing skills – easy right? Not when you’re an introvert like me and never quite confident in your own abilities! Talking with my colleagues and asking them how to best present myself on paper and then at interview was invaluable. They helped me think about including a variety of practical examples and how I could apply these against key questions. Keeping my language clean and simple yet expressive was important to keep my application short but (hopefully) attractive enough to eventually be selected for interview.

Maybe these thoughts are helpful to you or someone you know. Maybe also, there is another piece of advice that you have received that made a difference, or even one that you gave yourself, that has been truly valuable. If so I, and I know others, would love to read it. You can post your comment and read all that others have posted here.

Have a great weekend everyone.