Friday on my mind is a weekly series of short personal reflections by CareerActually founder, Carole Brown

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If you want to lift yourself up …

Three essentials for career success

Think left, think right

It’s that easy and that hard

A book at last!

Two big questions

Give it a try

Get creative and fight the slump

Christmas, incidental

A quick dash to the balcony

Capable of more than I know

The teacher in all of us

Take the career challenge

Your boss, your career

My hero’s plan for the ages

Living your values

Career well-being

What matters most?   

The power of personal connection

French toast anyone?

Its not easy giving up on your career

Why not me?

There will always be better jobs that you don’t have

Shining like a diamond

How to resign with style and humour

Celebrating the unique you

The wisdom of 100 years

When your job goes sour

Noble ideas

When are you at your best?

Friday (the 13th) on my mind 

Job hybrids

Friday on my mind