Carole’s brilliance and clarity about career planning’s essential elements complement her wisdom from exceptional practice and international leadership.

– Rich Feller Ph.D., Professor of Colorado State University; and Past President of the National Career Development Association

Thank you Carole for all your support over the past few months.  I really appreciated the personalised approach you took to my coaching sessions to make sure they authentically matched the environment that I would face in an interview situation for my particular Directorate.  The way that you constructed my sessions was targeted to my personal development needs, and ultimately resulted in me performing at my best at interview, and realising my career goal of being appointed Principal of an ACT Public Primary School. Thank you for providing an enjoyable and challenging experience.

– Kate Woods, Education & Training Directorate, ACT Government

Excellent presentation. Great knowledge and highly informative. Interactive style was excellent.

Carole is a fantastic presenter – this was a great presentation.

Very useful reflective/ “shake up” when to disrupt. Well done.

Absolutely brilliant.

– Leading and Managing teams, presentation at The 7th Annual Executive Officers’ Conference 

Having worked with Carole for several years …. I can honestly say that my career trajectory not only shifted after (and because of) the work I did with her, but it has also developed a sense of clarity that has helped define the next few years of what I hope to achieve in my career.  

– Tim Falchi

Carole has extraordinary vision and leadership. Under her Presidency of CDAA, she consolidated the market positioning of the Association and unwaveringly supported the career profession as it continues to grow and strengthen in Australia. This is important for social enterprise development at a national and international level. I commend Carole for her work and have no hesitation in endorsing Carole as a national career leader.

– Lee Miles, Quadrant Thinking

I recently worked with Carole to facilitate a large group planning workshop, and the participants were very clear about what they wanted to achieve – a large philanthropic donation for the university. Carole focused on activities to develop shared focus, mutual understanding, and teamwork. I later learned that the group did indeed achieve their goal – a one million dollar scholarship program.

– Karen Bail HRM Adviser, Civil Service Commission, Timor-Leste