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Julie Square

Julie Preston

Dr Julie Preston is a career development practitioner specialising in Higher Education staff and student development programs. Julie promotes career development through ownership and self-empowerment. Julie’s academic background is in Immunology and Microbiology.  Her PhD thesis and postdoctoral research investigated mechanisms of Streptococcus pneumoniae infections.  Julie can be contacted at and can be found on Twitter at Julie’s posts


david scoppa

David Scoppa

David is a Redeployment & Career Development Adviser at the University of Sydney where he supports a diverse range of academic and professional staff members. He has a passion for social networks, collaboration and proactive career development/transition programs. His personal career transition journey has taken him from teaching snowboarding to career coaching and he has completed studies in HR and Career Education. Contact David at or follow on Twitter @davidscoppa.

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Kyanne Smith

Kyanne is a career development practitioner and coach, and she is particularly interested in career change. She has studied career education and development, and a bunch of other things (mostly business and HR related). She is currently studying horticulture (when she’s not pottering in her garden). She enjoys working with groups and individuals to help them manage, change or grow their careers. Kyanne can be contacted at  See Kyanne’s posts



Emily Brown

Emily is a young freelance journalist, based in London. She recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MA in Philosophy and English Literature. Follow her on Twitter @emilylbrown. See Emily’s posts



amelia 2

Amelia Ishikawa

Amelia Ishikawa is a Canberra based coach and career consultant. Currently she is completing her qualifications in Counselling and is working towards a career in the community sector. Amelia is a massive fan of people, whimsy, and various combinations of the two. Amelia can be contacted at: ameliaishikawa@gmail.comSee Amelia’s posts




Peter Luscombe

Who am I? Once a teacher I now am blessedly retired. No more the horde of hundreds passing through my life each year. I gained much from teaching – knowledge about learning

[about myself, others and the world around me]; observing, and fostering, individuals’ growth from the first awkward steps into adolescence to stepping forth into the adult world and all its responsibilities; and significantly, the myriad of ways people conduct themselves and get on with living.

My name – Peter – is derived from the Greek Πετρος (Petros) meaning “stone”. I have a profound respect for the written word. My favourite citation is  :

In life there are no destinations; just a series of arrivals.  (paraphrase – Jeanette Winterson.)

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