The Essential Career Guide contains 54 pages jam-packed with practical and credible career advice from Carole Brown, ICS Careers founder and one of Australia’s leading career development professionals.

“Carole’s brilliance and clarity about career planning’s essential elements complement her wisdom from exceptional practice and international leadership. Her checklist alone gives you the advantage needed to adapt within a lifetime of transitions.”

The Essential Career Guide offers a why, what and how of career management to help you:

  • find work that you can be happy and satisfied in
  • job search efficiently and successfully
  • plan for and make good decisions about your career


The Essential Career Guide is an easy-to-read, practical guide that includes real-life case studies and relevant and straightforward activities to complete – all the essentials of managing your career in one book. The e-book downloads as a PDF file to make it easy to read on your computer, phone, iPad or tablet.

Priced at $9.95 The Essential Career Guide is a great value-for-money investment in your future!



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What people are saying about The Essential Career Guide

At last, a simple book on career planning that gets right to the point. This guide takes you through the process step by step. Throw away the complex maps for career planning, this is like having satellite navigation to guide you where you want your career to go.

Steven Dover, Director – Human Resources, Australian Council for Educational Research

Anyone who wants to build a rich and varied career will benefit from using the profound and wonderfully clear advice outlined in The Essential Career Guide. Keep it by your side as you navigate career challenges, opportunities and transitions and it will give you the confidence and skill to make the right career decisions for you.

Louisa Scagliotti, Director Adept Career Moves, Australia

This is a book that is straightforward,  inviting, up-to-date, and practical. Carole Brown’s wealth of knowledge in career development shines through and provides clear and essential information about career choice and transition. I love the layout of the chapters, the practical examples, and the exercises that are embedded throughout the text. 

Dr. Norman Amundson, University of British Columbia, Canada

Easy reading, very digestible and able to be savoured in tasty bite sized morsels. I really liked the balance of quotes, individual stories and concrete advice that are easily followed and most importantly applied. The book provides a clear pathway that the reader can follow from beginning to end. 

Les Emery, Fellow Career Development Association of Australia

This is a wonderful resource on career planning with rich mix of practical examples and creative tasks. It is stimulating and presented in lively, clear and compelling style, an extremely reader-friendly book. Absolutely recommendable!

Jaana Kuttenan, Finnish Institute for Educational Research of the University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Drawing from a wealth of personal knowledge and experience in the career field, Carole Brown does indeed provide essential keys to open the door to career success. The Essential Career Guide is a practical little book that, though short, is long on advice, illustrations, examples, and activities that provide a concise overview of an effective career journey in today’s world of work. The clear, personal style in which Carole writes will make this book very accessible and helpful to many people whether they are just starting their career journey or whether they are much further along. 

Gray Poehnell, Ergon Communications, Canada

“Carole’s brilliance and clarity about career planning’s essential elements complement her wisdom from exceptional practice and international leadership. Her checklist alone gives you the advantage needed to adapt within a lifetime of transitions.”

Rich Feller Ph.D., Professor of Colorado State University; and Past President of the National Career Development Association

How the The Essential Career Guide can help you

  • Confused about what career direction to head in?
  • Want to change jobs or prepare for promotion?
  • Looking for success in job search?
  • Résumé need a re-fresh?
  • Job interviews scare you to death?
  • Ready to plan your return to work after a break?



*Secure payment through Paypal or credit card

*Instant digital download

*Great value at A$9.95

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